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The new edition of ' D´Ruta ' begins on October 22, with the route ' Zarzalar-Embalse del Taibilla '



26/09/17. With the slogan ' Take the path of healthy life ', the Department of Sports of the city of Caravaca de la Cruz launches a new edition of the municipal Program of Trekking ' D´Ruta ', with departures, of different levels of difficulty, to natural landscapes and areas Mountain region and neighboring provinces.
The Department of Sports promotes this activity, which takes place monthly of the month of October to the month of May, to combat sedentariness and promote healthy habits of life among the population, through the practice of sport in nature.

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

Each of the outputs planned within the D´Ruta program will be guided by specialized instructors in the practice of trekking. In total, eight routes have been programmed, of low, medium and high intensity. Children aged from the age of nine will be able to participate in those low-level outings of difficulty.
The Municipal Trekking program ' D´Ruta ' 2017/2018 begins next October 22 with the route ' Zarzalar-Embalse del Taibilla ', with a distance of approximately 14 kilometres and cataloged with a low intensity level. In addition, the following routes have been planned: ' Cañaverosa-paddies de Calasparra ' (5 November), ' Alberquilla-Peña Rubia ' (December 3), ' retippers ' (14 or 21 January), ' The Vulture by the Toril ' (11 or 18 February), ' Pico del Fraile ' (25 March), ' Strait of Bolvonegro ' (May 13) and ' Vereda de las Estrellas-suspension bridges of the Cahorros of Granada ' (26 and 27 May)



Registrations can be formalized from Monday before each outing, in the offices of the municipal sports service, located in the pavilion Juan Antonio Corbalan, or in the Web portal of reservations For more information, interested persons can contact the technicians of the Department of Sports through the telephone number 968 703 563 or the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The route begins in Beas de Segura and ends in Caravaca de la Cruz, with a journey of 151 kilometers, which runs through the Sierra del Segura

Representatives of the six municipalities gathered in Beas and agreed to constitute themselves as a group of cities ' Camino de San Juan de la Cruz '


18/09/17. Representatives of the six municipalities that are in the footsteps of the ' Camino de San Juan de la Cruz ' held a meeting in the town hall of Beas de Segura to address various matters related to the setting in value and promotion of this pilgrimage route, which It concludes in Caravaca de la Cruz.Principio del formularioFinal del formularioPrincipio del formularioFinal del formulario

One of the agreements adopted during the meeting-in which the councillor for Urbanism and Environment participated in the town hall of Caravaca, Enrique Fuentes-was the formal constitution of the Group of Cities ' Camino de San Juan de la Cruz ', which will be composed of the Municipalities of Beas de Segura, furnaces of Segura, Santiago-Pontones, Nerpio, Moratalla and Caravaca de la Cruz, which make up a historic region around the Segura River and belong to the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia.

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

The group of Cities ' Camino de San Juan de la Cruz ' will aim at the development of a tourist, cultural and patrimonial proposal, with which it is intended to make known both the work of the Mystic Carmelite and those populations that many times traveled. At least seven trips from the Santo Carmelita have been documented from these towns to Caravaca de la Cruz.

Caravaca de la Cruz and Beas de Segura provide the accumulated experience in the management of other tourist products of pilgrimage, as is the case of "traces of Teresa de Jesús", an essential part of this project around San Juan de la Cruz. The rest of the municipalities that make up the road enter in the Sierra de Segura, offering some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Spanish geography


The ' Camino de San Juan de la Cruz ' arises with the vocation to consolidate as a pilgrimage route that allows us to get closer to the literary and spiritual legacy of the Holy Carmelite mystic, but it is also constituted as a tourist route that allows us to know the richness patrimonial, landscape and ethnographic of those villas by which he passed, ending in Caravaca de la Cruz, key destination of religious tourism, being one of the five cities in the world with a jubilee granted in perpetuity.

The journey has a total of 151 kilometers and consists of five stages (Beas of Segura-furnaces of Segura, safety furnaces-pontoons, pontoons-Santiago de la Espada, Santiago de la Espada-Nerpio, Nerpio-El Sabinar, the Sabinar-Caravaca de la Cruz).

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

In Beas de Segura, Santa Teresa of Jesus founded in 1575 the first convent of barefoot of Andalusia, arriving Fray Juan de la Cruz in 1578 as Prior of the Calvary of Beas and spiritual director of the nuns, after escaping the convent prison of Toledo where the shoes you Nían prisoner. In Beas forged the synthesis of his spiritual thought and composed some of his main literary works. In Caravaca it was founded in 1576, by order of Saint Teresa of Jesus, the feminine convent. The Holy One sent the friar expressly, who attended the nuns in the first chapter of the congregation. Years later, he founded a convent of friars in that city, the Convent of Our Lady of the Carmen.



This space can be visited from 10.30 to 14.00 hours and will also host cultural events, under the agreement of assignment signed by the City Council and Bankia, current owner of the former convent of the Carmelite Mothers


The church of San José de Caravaca de la Cruz, integrated in the monumental complex of the old convent of the Discalced Carmelite Mothers, opens its doors to the public every day, from 10.00 to 13.00 hours. The reopening of this space, located on Calle Mayor, has been possible thanks to the agreement signed recently between the City of Caravaca de la Cruz and Bankia, owner of the property since last May 12.

Under the aforementioned agreement, Bankia, S.A. gives free use to the exclusive public purposes consisting of the organization of different exhibitions in the area of ​​the cloister, as well as concerts and other cultural events in the old church.

From the Department of Tourism of the Consistory Caravaqueño report that the church has been open to the public since yesterday, Tuesday, September 12, and that are currently being carried out cleaning and conditioning in the cloister of the convent for the holding of art exhibitions different in the coming months.

The Monastery of St. Joseph of the Discalced Carmelite Mothers was founded by St. Teresa of Jesus in 1576. The building has two distinct parts: the church and the monastery. The church, of a single nave, was reformed in the XVIII century and its decoration belongs to the rococo style. The factory of the temple is of masonry and brick, with cover of ashlar masonry of century XVIII. Its internal structure is of a single nave of 28.5 meters of length by 14 of width, covered by vault vaída, with lateral chapels covered by vaults of half cannon with lunetos. The choir is placed at the feet, in two bodies: high and low.




With this contest, the Department of Culture pays homage to the artist Caravaqueño, painter of Chamber of Isabel II, considered one of the great portraitists of the nineteenth century

Source: Caravaca de la Cruz Town Hall

11/09/17. The Department of Culture of the city Council of Caravaca de la Cruz convenes the second edition of the open-air painting contest ' Rafael Tejeo ', for new painters, professionals and fans enjoy a day of coexistence dedicated to painting, based on Themes and landscapes of Caravaca de la Cruz.

The inscription can be made as of today, Monday 11 of September, and until the 21 of October, date of the celebration of the contest, in the dependencies of the Municipal library and the Informajoven, from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 21.00 hours. It can also be formalized via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by name of participant and contact telephone.

The contest is open to artists of any kind, who can participate in a single work, which must be unique, original and unpublished. The rules establish two categories: children (from 6 to 15 years), which will have a first prize of 200 euros exchangeable for school material and a runner-up of 100 euros, and category for over 16 years from now, with a first prize endowed with 1,000 euros and a runner-up of the jury of 250 euros. With all the works presented to this contest, the Department of Culture will take place from November 6th to 17th an exhibition at the Museo Carrilero.

style and technique will be free and the theme chosen by the artist should be related to natural landscapes, everyday scenes and urban settings of Caravaca de la Cruz. It will be obligatory to present the work in rigid support to facilitate its exposure, in addition each participant must be provided with the necessary material to execute it.

The rules are available for consultation in and in the Diptychs edited by the Department of Culture on the occasion of the call for the second edition of the contest.

The town Council of Caravaca de la Cruz began last year this contest, with which it pays homage to the artist Caravaqueño Rafael Tejeo, painter of Chamber of Isabel II, considered one of the great portraitists of the first half of the nineteenth century. In its first edition, the winner was Alberto Márquez Ruiz, from the Alicante municipality of Pilar de la Horadada. The runner-up was for the painter Alcoyano David Pacrabal Aguado and the prize of the Infantile category was awarded ' ex aequo ' to Elena Gutiérrez Sánchez and Ana Guillén López.





Source: Caravaca de la Cruz Town Hall

07/09/17. The 16th and 17th of September will take place the regatta ' Punta Este Caravaca Jubilee Year 2017 ', with nearly 80 boats, some of which have competed in the Copa del Rey.

The presentation of this sporting event has been held at the Estrella Levante Factory, the main sponsor of the event and patron of the Camino de la Cruz Foundation, with the presence of the mayor of Caravaca de la Cruz, José Moreno, who has thanked his director General, Patricio Valverde, this initiative that continues to promote the Jubilee year 2017 and the municipality as a tourist destination.

“Punta Este Caravaca Jubilee year 2017” will be the regatta that brings a greater number of boats in Murcian waters this nautical season. In addition, it will have a solidarity character, since the inscription of the boats is allotted entirely to the association of Relatives of Persons with disabilities of the North-West Region (APCOM).

The regatta will have, like last year, two simultaneous departures from the clubs of Torrevieja and Cartagena, and final in Cabo de Palos in a first stage. The second stage culminates in San Pedro del Pinatar, which will be the final point. All participants, after completing the regatta, are invited to make a joint pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz on the occasion of the jubilee year 2017.

The II Regatta Punta Este counts in its organization with the nautical clubs of Torrevieja, Villa San Pedro, Puerto Tomás Maestre de La Manga (San Javier) and the Real Club of regattas of Cartagena and the collaboration of other nautical clubs, Santa Pola, Campoamor, Salinas, Torre de la Horadada, Cabo de Palos, Águilas and the Club of Mazarrón, in addition to the support of the sailing federations of Murcia and Valencia.

The event, scheduled on the occasion of the year 2017, retirement will take place this Saturday, with the 'Discantus' coral and the OSUCAM Orchestra, along with the sopranos Victoria Gonzalez and Sancho Sun



source: Caravaca de la Cruz Town Hall

06/09/17. The ministries of tourism and culture of the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz held the East Saturday, September 9, the concert of sacred music 'Andante with joy', with the Murcia 'Discantus' coral and the OSUCAM Chamber Orchestra of the Catholic University San Antonio, under the direction of Angel L. Carrillo.

The concert - which will take place at 21.00 hours, in the parish church of El Salvador, with access free - it will also feature the participation of Victoria Gonzalez Pacanowska soprano and mezzo-soprano Sun Sancho Gomez. "This cultural event is held on the occasion of the Jubilee year 2017, on the day before the start of Vera Cruz and the quinary solemn of the exaltation of the Holy", said Councillor for tourism, Gloria Gómez, who wanted to "encourage all neighbours and visitors to be" join public this concert special, which you can listen to one of the most outstanding choral music formations of the panorama national e international, accompanied by a magnificent Chamber Orchestra".

The first part of the concert will be devoted to the composer Antonio Vivaldi and his work 'Glory'. In the second part, the voices and the Orchestra will perform 'Mass retirement', composition of Caravaca Francisco Javier Sánchez Canto, released in 2003. The concert will close with the premiere of 'The birthright of nothing', work of Francisco Javier song, composed this year, based on the poem with the same name of the Caravaca also Bernabé de el Toro.

Coral 'Discantus', after twenty-three seasons of hard work, has become a musical entity of first level, offering concerts in China, United States, Argentina, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France and throughout Spanish. He has won prizes in national and international competitions, highlighting his

silver in the Olympics International Xiamen corals (China) and the 2011 Promusica Award for his educational work with young people. In its early discography, has fourteen albums from the most varied styles, both classic and modern, murcian folklore, carols, educational editions for text books, etc.



Coinciding with the year Jubilee in 2017, is 768 kilometers by bike, to collaborate with the Association of Asperger's Salamanca

Source: Caravaca de la Cruz Town Hall

07/09/17. Coinciding with the Jubilee 2017 year, Luis Montero Merino is a solidarity pilgrimage, from the Salamanca municipality of Alba de Tormes to Caravaca de la Cruz. This cyclist aims to raise funds for the Association of Asperger's Salamanca.

Is provided for Luis Montero get to Caravaca de la Cruz on September 14, after completing a total distance 768 kilometers throughout eight stages which have as Alba de Tormes, Ávila, Torrijos, Tembleque, El Provencio, Alcaraz, Letur and Caravaca.

Luis Montero launches bike this tour and will donate all revenue to the Association. Work is 'buy' kilometers, bringing between 2 and 5 euros per kilometre performed. For example, if you want to buy 4 kilometers to five euros each will have to make an income of 20 euros by the concept '4 KM donation'. Income which shall be carried out on the account of the Association Asperger Salamanca of the Caixa, in the Picasso Park (not carry commissions), 2100 5887 47 0200037658 ES85.

"My two passions are mountain biking and my faith through Holy week. After having done the Camino de Santiago twice, I decided to undertake something different. "My intention is to unite three routes in one: Teresian road, Camino de Santiago and way of Caravaca de la Cruz", explains the actor.

"The first two routes will be the reverse of as usually do, because this time I head South." I will do this route alone and without external support. "The budget, i.e. my own expenses, will be funded by my entirely, none of the contributions will be used as a resource for the route", adds.

From the Department of tourism of the municipality of Caravaca have wished luck to Luis Montero and have congratulated him for this initiative, which unites solidarity, sport and tourism, since in addition to collaborating with

the Association of Asperger's Salamanca, you are making a promotion of the Jubilee year 2017 by many points of the Spanish geography. The Mayor of Salamanca, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, received it on Tuesday morning to meet this charity project and move you mood to face the long journey.