The miniature ethnographic museum «Ángel Reinon», located in the heart of the city of Caravaca de la Cruz, presents a detailed tour of a group of traditional trades and human activities in its most lost or very transformed parts. It gathers more than 400 exclusive miniature pieces, of a great formal perfection, made of iron and wood, which compose a unique collection. Through the tooling and tools, the sample moves us in time and makes us recover for a few moments trades that accompany man from its origins, as well as a lexicon already forgotten or restricted to our elders.

Angel Reinon

Ángel Reinon Sánchez was born in Caravaca in 1924, in the bosom of a large family of nine brothers, seven women and two males who inherited the family office. He leaves school at a very young age to devote himself exclusively to blacksmith’s work, with an endless day, because the rest time was spent with his brother to continue doing extra work to increase the low wages. Of great-grandfather, grandfather and father Blacksmiths, he sees with satisfaction how his two sons and a grandson follow the family tradition. We are faced with an excellent artistic and artisanal collection, a singular manifestation of material culture of evident anthropological, ethnological and linguistic interest.


Each one of the tools is unique for its beauty and by unrepeatable; entirely handmade and perfected with sandpaper and lime, with surprising detailing. They stand out in the ensemble, for their great perfection and for the number of hours the artist has employed in his creation, the tractor, the forge lathe, the agricultural blades and a truly extraordinary chariot.

This museum presents a real miniature world as each one of the pieces can be used as the ones of natural size, and it should also be noted that many are articulated and move. We could plow, fill the sausages of the slaughter, cook bread and even distill essences. The collection is distributed in nine wall displays and five exempt showcases. We can make a tour of the trades of the traditional and modern farmer, blacksmith, farrier, stonemason, Miller, distiller of Essences, Alpargatero, carpenter and bricklayer, as well as admiring the usefulness of a traditional house and the activity of the slaughter. This work is done by a person who, accustomed from the thirteen years to work tirelessly, since his retirement is dedicated to the realization of these miniatures, without knowing how or why, but with a clear objective: the thoroughness, the perfection and the delight in the work well done.



Throughout the year.

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